how to: throw a Great British Bake Off Finale party!

I’ll admit I didn’t really get the hype with the Great British Bake Off in previous years. I thought it was going to be pompous and as someone who can’t bake to save their life, the premise just didn’t interest me. I hold my hands up now and firmly swallow some humble pie (get it?) while I hereby admit on the internet that I have a new found love for GBBO and all it’s twee brilliance.


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As it’s the finale this evening, I thought I would put together a few tips for anyone thinking of throwing a Bake Off party because let’s face it, when have we ever needed an excuse to eat, drink and be merry?


This is the most pivotal thing to get right for your party! When watching the contestants create their masterpiece morsels or showstopping savories, your tummies will be rumbling and there’s nothing worse than hungry guests! If you’re really daring, you could try recreating some of the bakes from time gone by or perhaps adding your own twist or secret ingredient.


Image from Digital Spy.


Image from Yahoo News.

If you’re trying to do it on a budget, simply let people know that it’s BYOB (bring your own bake)… Someone’s bound to bring a shop bought something though!


Image from


If you’re going quintessentially British here, tea is an absolute must have for your Bake Off party. Perhaps you’ve got a cute tea set lying around that you could serve it in?


Image by Sira Anamwong, 2014 licensed from

Alternatively if you’ve got Thursday off, you could crack out a Pimms No 1. Cup in a pitcher for everyone to share. Refreshing and rather boozy!



For this bit, I had to head to Pinterest for inspiration as I am not very good at anything crafty!
Think a similar theme to any Jubilee party – flags of red, white and blue, bunting and cute printables for the table.


Four above images from Pinterest and are not my own. 
Credits: 1, 2, 3, 4


Have you held or are you having a Great British Bake Off Party?

Do you and your friends gather to watch TV shows?


Let me know and leave me links in the comments below!




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10 Life Lessons Learnt From Rupaul’s Drag Race

So while I’m struggling to cope with the fact that S7 is now over, and *SPOILER ALERT* the fact that Pearl didn’t win, I thought I’d write a post summing up all of the great motivational stuff that the queens of Rupaul’s Drag Race have already taught me.

WARNING: This is a GIF-and-video heavy post. Also swearing.

1. Ambition is healthy, don’t try to hide it.
If there’s one thing guaranteed from the majority of the queens on RPDR, it’s a bloodthirsty attitude. Whilst it ain’t pretty to constantly be ‘throwing shade’ at your competitors, it’s perfectly normal and encouraged to use that energy to give your best performance.


Image courtesy of College Candy.

2. Confidence is key – “you better work!”
Throughout the show, many of the queens share stories of rejection and non-acceptance. In a truly inspiring way, this negativity encouraged them not to change or stop doing what they love. Self love is a really important and worthwhile practice.


Image courtesy of Buzzfeed.


Image courtesy of Giphy.


Image courtesy of gayonabudget on tumblr.

3. Don’t be afraid to take risks.
Being safe isn’t always going to win you the challenge. Some of the most memorable queens gave performances that were a little out of their comfort zone or completely out of the box! Risks can pay off hugely, and standing out can sometimes be for the right reasons.

courtney_act_rupauls_drag_race_queen_tv_angel_runway ben_dela_creme_rupauls_drag_race_queen_tv_bug_runway MILK_workroom_rupauls_drag_race_queen_tv_runway sharon_needles_rupauls_drag_race_gore_tv_queen_runway_makeup

Above images courtesy of homosexual-supervillain on tumblr.


4. Don’t be bitter, be better.
Sometimes negativity can come from inside your own community or even your own family. Rather than lashing out, it’s important to keep calm like Jinkx Monsoon and Alaska did and remind yourself that you can be the bigger person.


Image courtesy of Giphy.


Image courtesy of untucking on tumblr.


Image courtesy of Buzzfeed

5. Be a well-rounded individual.
The contestants come from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets. Some work with fabric like Violet Chachki, some are comediennes like Bianca Del Rio, some can do a jump split like Kennedy Davenport but they are all talented in their own unique ways. The lesson here is to embrace your many talents and perhaps to work on what you’d like to be better at.


Image courtesy of gayonabudget on tumblr.

6. Help each other out once in a while.
Okay, so you’re competing for a top prize but that’s no reason to stand by while someone’s struggling. If you need the assistance, pluck up the courage and ask your mentors or colleagues. Just remember that someone is more than likely to ask you to return the favour! For the cutest friendships on the show, check out this LogoTV clip:

7. Family CAN be chosen.
Many of the queens have a Drag Mother, who has taken care of them and taught them things that their biological mother couldn’t have or wouldn’t. Those who perform in clubs often talk about the other performers like sisters or aunts because of how close they are. If your chosen family members are more present and there for you than your relatives, then that isn’t a bad thing.

If your family environment isn’t supportive of who you are and what you do, it’s important to remember that you can always find that network among other people, blood or not.


8. Attention to detail is everything
Queens are called out by the judges for a wonky hemline or a false eyelash hanging low because that shows they’re not giving 100% in their work. The same applies to you perhaps for a future employer – first impressions at the interview will be key but so will maintaining a high standard in your work!


Image courtesy of thewiccan30 on imgur.

9. Pop culture knowledge is cool.
You never know when you’re going to have to play Snatch Game or lip sync for your life.

10. Most importantly…


Image courtesy of Buzzfeed.

Do you watch Rupaul’s Drag Race?

Who are your favourite queens?

Did I miss any important lessons?

Let me know in the comments below!



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Credits to Julia Pugachevsky & Jules at Buzzfeed, Ami Angelowicz at The Frisky, Nicole Fallon at Business News DailyMathew Henderson at Drag Official and Emerald Pellot at College Candy.

tag: four things

So I saw the lovely Danielle (Underland to Wonderland) do this tag on her blog the other day and I wanted to give it a go!

I nominate Cami at camillahennessyjackson, Suzy M at Eeep! I’m A Blogger, Katy Sherry at The New Girl and Jessica M at JESMGIA – all amazing ladies that you should go and follow!

Four places I’ve lived:
South Woodham Ferrers, Chelmsford
Croxley Green, Hertfordshire
Christchurch, Dorset
Romero Halls of Residence, Southampton

Four jobs I’ve had:
Front of House Staff in a café
Customer Service Assistant in a hardware store
Cashpoint Assistant in a wholesalers
Chief Editorial Intern at (easily my favourite!!)

Four things I don’t eat:

Four of my favourite foods:
Garlic Bread
(I do eat healthy food though!)

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
Easy A
Pan’s Labyrinth
Alice In Wonderland


Images are NOT my own.
(See bottom of post for credits)

Four TV shows I watch:
(Still running)
Once Upon A Time
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Orphan Black
Rupaul’s Drag Race

The Powerpuff Girls
Black Books
Parks and Recreation

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:
Hopefully going to see Adore Delano with Ellen in August
Spending our three-year-anniversary in Manchester
Finding out that I passed my second year of uni (fingers crossed)
My 23rd birthday, I guess!

Four things I can’t live without:
My cat, Bellatrix (Trixie)
Conversation (if that counts)

Four things about Josh:
He has a beard
He has tattoos and piercings
He works in technology
He loves video games and cats

Four places I’ve visited:
Cardiff, Wales
St Helier, Jersey
Clisson, France
Dublin, Ireland


3 images are not my own.
(See bottom of post for credits)

Four pet peeves:
Touching my plate/food/drink without my permission
Bigoted, ignorant people
Rude shop/restaurant staff
People who assume I’m straight (ha!)

Four Things I Wish I Could Do:
Tell my GAD to bugger off, for good
Go for the infamous ‘one pint’
Speak lots of languages fluently
Afford lots of nice clothes (sad, I know)

Four Subjects I Studied at School:
Religious Philosophy and Ethics

Four Things Near Me Right Now:
A water bottle
Josh’s beard oil
A Pizza Hut menu

Have you taken part in this tag?

Leave me your links in the comments below!



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10 Kids Shows That Teach Kick-Ass Lessons in Morality

WARNING: This is a GIF-heavy post.



  1. Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids

I don’t know if this is still aired or repeated but this was one of the darkest shows of my youth and it was always on around teatime.

There were characters like Lorelei Lee,  a serial truant and hypochondriac who had her ‘No-Schoolitis’ cured with leeches, mustard and brain surgery. Another boy, Terry the thief was cursed with an insufferable rash until he confessed to his crimes. Despite the creepy combination of narration by Nigel Planer and the amount of gory and bizarre situations, the children of this show were often taught a lesson in the good and the bad (albeit a little sadistic at times.)

  1. Arthur

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme

Still keeping in the nineties, but slightly more upbeat, was everyone’s favourite anthropomorphic aardvark, Arthur Read. He and his family lived in Elwood City and the show was all about the daily lives of various eight-year-old animals.

What I loved about Arthur was that he and his sister D.W- younger by four years- would always bicker or try to get each other in trouble but more often than not, they came to a mutual and happy end point.


Image courtesy of pahndas at gifsoup

I also remember a serious episode whereby the gang find graffiti and everyone suspects the bully Binky to be the culprit, despite his denial. They later discover that a band did it for promotional reasons and apologise for falsely accusing Binky. Fighting prejudice; aardvark style.


  1. Scooby Doo

Image courtesy of fanpop

There were two great things to be learnt from the Scooby Doo mysteries. Firstly, despite something seeming paranormal, out-this-world and downright messed up, the truth was always revealed in front of our eyes. Our baby brains were already keen investigators!

Secondly, those truths enlightened our tiny minds to a pretty harsh fact of reality – people are monsters. (Don’t worry though, they never got away with it!)


  1. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Image courtesy of xini20

I spent most of my years growing up wishing that I had Sabrina’s magic powers – particularly the ability to get ready for school by just pointing at yourself. However, Sabrina quickly learnt through her experiences that the easiest way isn’t necessarily the one with the best consequences – all magic (if we could have it) would come at a price.

The moral lessons in this program not only came from Aunts Hilda and Zelda but from her slightly neurotic cat Salem. He wasn’t always in the right, but was still a highlight because cats are awesome.


Image courtesy of college candy


Image courtesy of college candy


6. Goosebumps


Image courtesy of bloody disgusting

Exercise a little caution, kids. The only thing more fearsome that the responsibilities of adult life? This series. Originally short stories by R. L. Stine, Goosebumps raised a generation of us to be reasonably savvy; trust no one because they could well turn out to be some kind of horror, from a simple werewolf to a camera that erased you from existence… *shudder*.


Image courtesy of sharetv

Goosebumps taught us: “You wandered into the abandoned building, you gotta deal with what happens in there.”

  1. Gravity Falls

Image courtesy of

Mabel and Dipper Pines – whilst staying with their Great Uncle Stan – become intrepid explorers and uncover the mysteries of the local town, showing that while a curious nature is healthy, it can often leave you in some pretty tight spots! Not quite as terrifying as Goosebumps because it’s animated, this is one of mine and Josh’s favourite programmes, despite it being aimed at children.
Alongside all the mayhem, there are some great lessons about being yourself, not judging people by their appearance and most importantly, the importance of looking out for your family and friends.


Image courtesy of GravityFallsGifs on tumblr


Image courtesy of GravityFallsGifs on tumblr


Image courtesy of GravityFallsGifs on tumblr

  1. Pokémon
Image courtesy of platformnation

Image courtesy of platformnation

There’s something to be said for a programme that can make you have such strong feelings about animals (fantasy or not). Through his journey to be a Pokémon master, Ash Ketchum taught us not only about the responsibility of looking after animals but about friendship and compassion, and persevering to achieve your dreams.

Image courtesy of PokemonGifs on tumblr

Image courtesy of PokemonGifs on tumblr

I’ll never forget ‘Bye Bye Butterfree’ episode in Indigo League because it still makes me cry to this day. Treat your friends right, and they’ll always have your back (even if they are a different species).

  1. Powerpuff Girls
Image courtesy of Powerpuff Girls Wikia

Image courtesy of Powerpuff Girls Wikia

Well aside from the obvious fact that the Powerpuff Girls dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil… In an early episode ‘Equal Fights’, the villain Femme Fatale goes around stealing only Susan B. Antony coins from the banks. After speaking to Ms Bellum, the PPG realise that equality means equality, giving this awesome speech about Susan to the villain:

“In 1872, she broke the law by voting. And even though she was found guilty, the feds wanted to go easy on her-because she was a girl!-and not send her to jail. Susan B. Anthony didn’t want special treatment. She wanted to be treated equally. She demanded that she be sent to jail, just like any man who broke the law. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do to you.”


  1. Spongebob Squarepants

Image courtesy of proprofs

The biggest optimist on television, Spongebob sang and danced his way through nearly every episode. He loves his job at the Krusty Krab and is always willing to suggest ways in which to preserve or promote the business. When learning to drive – much to the frustration of Mrs Puff, the instructor – he doesn’t give up despite not being very good at it. His friendships with Patrick Star and Sandy the squirrel are loyal and honest… Basically the kind of character that if we met in our adult life, we’d despise for being just too good.


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of fanpop

  1. Adventure Time

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Where do I even begin?!

Finn and Jake are heroes in the magical land of Ooo and spend their time saving and helping others, or just hanging out with their friends. Throughout the programme as Finn grows up, we are taught several important lessons…

Consent (asking permission) is mandatory.


Image courtesy of salriella on imgur.

Trying new things is hard, but you should persevere.


Image courtesy of salriella on imgur.


Treating someone differently because of race, gender or social group is wrong.


Image courtesy of salriella on imgur.

You will go through some tough times, but you can make it out the other side.


Image courtesy of salriella on imgur.


What were your favourite TV shows as a kid?

Did they have a moral lesson?

What great episodes of these shows have you seen?

Let me know in the comments below!



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comedy: Nick Helm’s Heavy Entertainment


Image courtesy of BBC Online.

What’s it about?

Due to the huge success of his role in comedy series ‘Uncle’, British stand-up comic and musician Nick Helm has gifted the world with his own variety show. Combining musical comedy with great dance numbers, frank and vulnerable poetry about heartbreak and gin, and some provocative audience interaction, Helm gives a more emotionally-charged and energetic performance than a puppy being introduced to his new home.

His timing is brilliant whether it’s a light hearted one-liner or a lovesick anecdote, and despite being incredibly sweaty, the musical performances are catchy and fun, accompanied by a live band fronted by fellow comic David Trent.

For fans of…

The witty musical stylings of Tim Minchin, Bill Bailey and Bo Burnham, the sweary ranting of Frankie Boyle or Micky Flanagan and the tragic vulnerability and dark self-deprecating humour of most British comedy.

Avoid if…
You are uncomfortable with almost-nudity, swearing and shouting from a character fraught with insecurity.

Give us a preview?

Pete’s Dragon – Volume warning!

Kerry Katona

Girlfriend – tw; suicidal thoughts mention

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