food: the perfect Pimms (for 18+ | drink responsibly)

Edit: Okay, so an alcoholic drink isn’t exactly food but there’s fruits in this recipe, so I figured it can sit on the food pages of the blog.

Whether you’re a drinker or not, there is a fitting beverage for all sorts of weather.  In the winter months, I’m partial to a hot chocolate with a snifter of Baileys’ in. For summer sun, my choices have to be fruity and cold. What better way to make them boozy than with the perfect Pimms and lemonade?

For my mum’s birthday, my Nan and I treated her to Pimms with some cute stirrers and little cocktail umbrellas (because why not?). Mum worked as a top barmaid for a few years, so she couldn’t resist showing me the steps to making a Pimms pitcher perfect. Naturally I thought that I would share them with you guys!


strawberries – as many as you wish
a lime
1/2 an orange
1/2 cucumber
a handful of fresh mint
Pimms No. 1 liqueur
lemonade (of your choice)


While I was preparing the fruit, my little sister showed me a nifty way to remove the leaves from the strawberries without chopping the tops off. Using a straw, if you push through the bottom towards the leaves, you can lift them out!


Once the fruit is prepped and chopped, you should soak it in the Pimms No. 1 for ten to fifteen minutes. The recipe will call for one part liqueur to three parts lemonade so it’s up to you to get the proportions right but remember to account for the space taken up by the fruit and the ice!


Next add a big layer of ice to keep the drink chilled!


Finally, top up your jug with lemonade of your choice (we used Schweppes) and serve immediately into glasses. If you’re enjoying it outside, a jug with a lid or a cover would be best in order that the fruit doesn’t spoil.



  • Remember to pace yourself with soft drinks or water in between to prevent the dreaded hangover the next day!
  • if you’re boozing in the sun, make sure that you spend some time in the shade now and again. 

Enjoy responsibly!

Do you like Pimms?
Do you have a recipe for a favourite summer drink?
Let me know and leave me links in the comments below!


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