the rebrand

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This is it. I’ve rebranded.

When princessparasox first started it was just going to be a small corner of the internet for me to write angry feminist ramblings on. As it’s grown in the space of a year or so, I’ve found myself surrounded by a network of fab creatives and blogger babes. Not to mention the wonderful humans who follow my posts and send me messages of support and encouragement. Now I feel like I owe it to you guys to be a bit more adventurous…

The new site, hey kitty grrrl will still be a fierce feminist hub of lifestyle posts, beauty tips and recipes on a budget and much more! It will just be a bit bolder, a bit braver and with some seriously thought-out content. In the next week or so, keep your eyes peeled for a discussion on the word ‘queer’ and a review and pics of our trip to the Hello Kitty café in London…

Hope you can join me there!




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