foundation-free fridays: electric dream

So this series focuses on how important it is to let your skin breathe, and how I take one day a week that I don’t wear any base products. I thought I would combine the look with a mini-review of my new ‘I Heart Makeup’ palette and ‘Amazing’ Lipstick from Makeup Revolution.

Having read plenty of blog posts praising Makeup Revolution for their great prices and decent quality products, I purchased a great selection of them to try out!


The Amazing Lipstick I chose in the shade, ‘Crime’. I love how this shade compliments my new silvery hair, and brings out my lips. It smells great too!


I chose the ‘I Heart Sin’ palette because I don’t own many bright colours anymore and I loved the mix of matte and shimmery pigments it has.


The eyeshadows are really bright and have very good staying power! I will definitely be trying different colour combinations with the rest of them in the future.

The lipstick is a great shade, but as with many budget lipsticks, it doesn’t stay on very long. I had to reapply every time I drank or ate anything but I didn’t really mind, considering that it cost £1!


other products:

brows // my own 88-colour palette (similar here for £10.44)
lashes // No7 Intense Volume in black – £9.95 & Collection Volumising 10x in ultra black – £3.99
pencil liner // No. 7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes pencil in black – £7.50



Do you have foundation-free days?
Have you tried any Makeup Revolution products?
Let me know or leave me links in the comments below!


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