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So I saw the lovely Danielle (Underland to Wonderland) do this tag on her blog the other day and I wanted to give it a go!

I nominate Cami at camillahennessyjackson, Suzy M at Eeep! I’m A Blogger, Katy Sherry at The New Girl and Jessica M at JESMGIA – all amazing ladies that you should go and follow!

Four places I’ve lived:
South Woodham Ferrers, Chelmsford
Croxley Green, Hertfordshire
Christchurch, Dorset
Romero Halls of Residence, Southampton

Four jobs I’ve had:
Front of House Staff in a café
Customer Service Assistant in a hardware store
Cashpoint Assistant in a wholesalers
Chief Editorial Intern at bournemouthnews.info (easily my favourite!!)

Four things I don’t eat:

Four of my favourite foods:
Garlic Bread
(I do eat healthy food though!)

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
Easy A
Pan’s Labyrinth
Alice In Wonderland


Images are NOT my own.
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Four TV shows I watch:
(Still running)
Once Upon A Time
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Orphan Black
Rupaul’s Drag Race

The Powerpuff Girls
Black Books
Parks and Recreation

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:
Hopefully going to see Adore Delano with Ellen in August
Spending our three-year-anniversary in Manchester
Finding out that I passed my second year of uni (fingers crossed)
My 23rd birthday, I guess!

Four things I can’t live without:
My cat, Bellatrix (Trixie)
Conversation (if that counts)

Four things about Josh:
He has a beard
He has tattoos and piercings
He works in technology
He loves video games and cats

Four places I’ve visited:
Cardiff, Wales
St Helier, Jersey
Clisson, France
Dublin, Ireland


3 images are not my own.
(See bottom of post for credits)

Four pet peeves:
Touching my plate/food/drink without my permission
Bigoted, ignorant people
Rude shop/restaurant staff
People who assume I’m straight (ha!)

Four Things I Wish I Could Do:
Tell my GAD to bugger off, for good
Go for the infamous ‘one pint’
Speak lots of languages fluently
Afford lots of nice clothes (sad, I know)

Four Subjects I Studied at School:
Religious Philosophy and Ethics

Four Things Near Me Right Now:
A water bottle
Josh’s beard oil
A Pizza Hut menu

Have you taken part in this tag?

Leave me your links in the comments below!



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