september blogging goals: did I do it?

So I’ve been setting myself blogging goals since August and while the first month was really productive, September has dwindled a bit. I’m not going to be too hard on myself about it though. What with starting back at uni and my birthday party plans, I just haven’t been as active online as I usually am or would have liked to have been.

Nonetheless, let’s have a look at what my goals for last month were and if I was close to meeting them…

#1// Reach 750+ Twitter Followers

Status on 1st October – 705 Followers

This one is down to me not scheduling tweets as frequently and missing out on chatting opportunities, but I wasn’t too far off so I am going to keep setting realistic Twitter goals in the future!

#2// Reach 250+ Bloglovin’ Followers

Status on 1st October – only 120 followers!

This one is proving tough. Despite sharing my Bloglovin link in comments and on social media, it seems that gaining followers through there will be at a much slower pace than any other site.
Do any of you who use Bloglovin have any tips on gaining a wider following?

#3// Hit 500+ Page Views

Status on 1st October – a dismal 278 views

I set this one because in the past few months I’ve been hitting pretty close to 500 views and I thought that September might just be the one to creep up to it. Less frequent posting has meant however that I didn’t get anywhere near there.
At least I’m honest though, right guys?

#4// Contribute to a Blog (again)

Status – ACHIEVED!


My post all about pansexual/queer erasure appeared on Zusterschap on 23rd September. I know I do go on about them but I do love their site, the content and all the great contributors on there.

I’m not getting too disheartened about what I didn’t reach because I’m aware that I’ve had a really busy month and have neglected the blog slightly. What I am taking from this is that this month needs a bit more planning with regards to posts and social media presence but hopefully I’m now back into a routine and these numbers will fly back up before you know it.

I am conjuring up some ideas for some pieces but if you would like to work with me, you can email me at or send me a message via any of the social media sites in the sidebar.

Do you have monthly or yearly blogging goals?

Do you find them useful?

Let me know and leave me your links in the comments below!



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my queerness erased

Content warnings: threatening behaviour, LGBTQIAP-phobia, bi-erasure, pan-erasure

I came out as bisexual at fourteen years old. At home, it was as if nothing had changed. My mum always has and always will be like a best friend. I tell her everything and she has always supported me in what, or who, makes me happy.

At school, however, I experienced the real, bitter tastes of phobia and hatred. Name-calling, physical assaults and threats became an everyday part of my life for a while. I was lucky enough to have friends who were always quick to defend me, but the words still stung and the bullies still managed to find me when I was alone.

As I’ve gotten older, not only have society’s views about the LGBTQIAP community developed, but of course I have become a young woman and as a result now find myself… Continue reading this post at Zusterschap.

september blogging goals

September is here and I for one am super excited for my birthday celebrations, donning some chunky knitwear and putting Baileys in everything.

I had a great month in August and my productivity was thanks to setting myself some realistic monthly goals! I was quite successful with them but this month, I want to push myself even further so here goes…


What with scheduling tweets, tagging some helpful RT accounts and keeping in contact with other bloggers, I am certain that being active on Twitter is key to successful blogging. There is a great network on there who help and support you, especially if you’re just starting out and it’s a great way to keep up to date with breaking news too.



Can you believe that on the first of this month, I was just two followers away from my goal? It was almost painful to see!
This month I am kicking it up a notch setting myself the mammoth task of just shy of 150 new Bloglovin followers in a matter of weeks. This will be the tough one methinks.



My monthly page views have more than doubled since I started taking the blog seriously back in April and that’s great! I am now looking to maintain an average of a minimum of 500 views per month until the end of 2015. This would not only mean that I have a steady audience but also that my self-promotion is effective.




I have written a piece for both Zusterschap and Fem-tellectual in the past and really enjoyed setting myself the task to write in a style befitting their awesome sites.

‘Fear Of Missing Out: Why Your Feed is Making You Miserable’ was part of Zusterschap’s  theme for April, P.M.A (positive mental attitude). I read an article by Jamie Varon, all about how we post on social media with a positive filter and I wanted to expand on it. I had a particular focus on how important it is not to get downtrodden by what we perceive other people’s lives to be like.

‘On Megan Beech’s Broader Broadcasting Corporation’ was something I sent in to Fem-tellectual after watching the poem on BBC iPlayer as a part of the ‘Women Who Spit’ series. I was then inspired to do my own research into the issues of gender and race discrimination highlighted by Megan’s poem.

I am conjuring up some ideas for some pieces but if you would like to work with me, you can email me at or send me a message via any of the social media sites in the sidebar.

Do you have monthly or yearly blogging goals?

Do you find them useful?

Let me know and leave me your links in the comments below!



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august blogging goals

Apologies for my brief disappearance! Last week, Josh and I went away to Manchester for our three-year anniversary. We had a great time together, exploring the city and indulging ourselves in naughty food and drink.

Upon my return, I thought that this would be a great time to evaluate how my blog has been doing since it’s clumsy creation earlier in the year. Looking at my stats, I’ve been able to set a few (realistic) goals for this month to help me keep motivated.


UPDATE: I was so close!
(98 followers as of 1/09/15)


Bloglovin’ is a great place to network, but it can also be really handy if you are just an avid reader of many blogs. I try to spare a few hours a week to catch up with my personal favourites and I’m always looking for more blogs to follow – the more diverse, the better! I’m also hoping to do a giveaway when I reach a Bloglovin’ milestone… who knows what will be in it?


ACHIEVED! (24/08/2015)

I’ve found a wonderful blogger community on Twitter, as well as a quick way to contact companies and individuals. There are also ways to schedule tweets using sites like Twuffer and plenty of retweet accounts (@UKBloggers1, @BloggerBees) that can really help to signal boost your posts and your blog’s following.

I will be hosting another #zchat soon. 
Topic: TBC


I hosted a chat last month about ‘Young Feminism’ for the lovely lot at @Zusterschap and I had so much fun! We discussed parenting, body image, bullies and so much more. Chats have such a personal aspect, being able to sharing our thoughts and feelings with one another. The #zchat (Mondays, 9PM) community in particular I’ve found to always be supportive, positive and encouraging towards one another.

blogger_collaboration_collab_PR_friendly_guest_post_princess_parasoxACHIEVED! (24/08/15) 
Thanks to Ashleigh at Not A Typical Teenager, you can read her guest post here.

In case you missed it, I did a guest-post swap before with my gorgeous friend Cami of camillahennessyjackson. We discussed self-love, the patriarchy, sex, shaving and lots more! Not only did I gain some new followers but I really enjoyed writing about something that would suit the style of Cami’s blog, while still using my own voice and opinions.

Do you have monthly or yearly blogging goals?

Do you find them useful?

Let me know and leave me your links in the comments below!



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Self Care (And Why No-one Should Make You Feel Bad About It)

Content warnings: anxiety (health), panic disorder, medication, depression, ableism, recovery.

NB: I will be mainly discussing these topics from experiences with GAD and clinical depression. Where the term ‘disability’ is used by me, I am not speaking for and trying to encompass the experiences of those with any other disabilities.

Firstly, I want to pose the question: how often do you choose to do activities that make you feel good? Whether it’s a marathon of your favourite show, ordering a takeaway or perhaps a boozy night at the pub, many of us have least one feel-good activity that we opt for now and again.

My second question is: how many times have you been told- either by your friends, your family or maybe even a professional – that your feel-good activity is unhealthy? Did it discourage you from doing it again?

Other people can often be very quick to pass judgement on our behaviours, particularly without understanding the reasons behind we might have made these choices. I’m not going to waffle some pseudo-scientific rubbish about endorphins or ‘the surprisingly healthy ingredient you didn’t know about’ – we are all aware that feel-good choices aren’t always biologically beneficial. However whilst it is important to recognise this, it is equally important not to get fixated on… Continue reading at Zusterschap.



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Fear Of Missing Out: Why Your Feed Is Making You Miserable

When I first read the words ‘positive mental attitude’, an image is instantly conjured up of a caricature. That person is the typically overly-enthusiastic and sickeningly proactive ‘go-getter’.

The #fitfam who posts ‘no-pain-no-gain’ as they complete their third workout of the day, washing the sweat and muscle aches down with an acai-coconut blend.

The recently-promoted business executive who just had their highly-anticipated board meeting and landed their pitch after many sleepless nights and hours in front of a computer screen.

The student who made a hundred revision cards, laminated them, cross-referenced them with the wider reading list and aced the module.

Okay so I’m embellishing slightly, and whether we know these people or not, chances are we’ve wanted to be one of them at least once in our lifetime. That isn’t a bad thing, nor is it a bad thing to have achieved this status: you put in the work, you deserve something back, right?

Having read Jamie Varon’s thought-provoking piece, ‘This Is How We Date Now’, I began to consider how much of the imagery and anecdotal evidence projected to us on social media is comfortably curled up in what I like to call ‘the blanket of betterness’. When describing relationships, Varon makes the controversial statement:

We do it. We find it. Then, quickly, we live it for others. We tell people we’re in a relationship on Facebook. We throw our pictures up on Instagram. We become a “we.” We make it seem shiny and perfect because what we choose to share is the highlight reel. We don’t share the 3am fights, the reddened eyes, the tear-stained bedsheets… We don’t tweet 140 characters of sadness when we’re having the kinds of conversations that can make or break the future of our love. This is not.. Read more of this post over on Zusterschap.