where have I been?!

Hey blog fans,

So I’ve been AWOL for a while now but it really warms my heart to see that there’s still readers and commenters stopping by. Thank you so much to anyone who has interacted with me and/or the blog despite the lack of content recently. It’s really for you guys that I felt I owe you an apology and an update as to where I’ve been hiding in March.


So where have you been?!

Some of you might know that I’m in my final year of an undergraduate degree and that means hella work! My course doesn’t have exams, we just have to complete coursework. So with reading, research and writing for several essays and the dissertation, alongside commitments in my personal life, I have had virtually no time to blog, take photos or film. It has been playing on my mind and getting me down because I love this blog and I’ve ‘met’ and spoken to some great people as a result of my ramblings. I don’t want to feel like I’ve let anyone down.

In addition to this, I’ve not been able to read or keep up to date with a lot of my favourite blogs and bloggers. So many fab beans online and they put out some great, thoughtful and inspiring content and I’ve not been to any of their sites in a month or more! If this is you (I hope you know who you are!) please don’t think I’ve forgotten about you or that I’m not interested in your site anymore…

I’ve just got virtually no time and when I have down time, I use it as just that!




It also goes back to the self care thing that I’m always harping on about. When you’re working on anything for several hours a day every day, and you’re trying to juggle ‘extra-curricular’ activities too, you’ve got to take some me-time now and again. At the moment, my self care involves going for food or drinks with my friends, snuggling up to play games or watch things with Josh. Even just a nice bath can give me that much needed half hour of respite!

I guess this is just a post to say, please stand by as I finish my dissertation and complete my course and apply for jobs and try not to implode! It’s only a couple of weeks now but they’re so crucial and I know myself well enough to know that if I overload myself with a million and one responsibilities, I’ll have a meltdown. Not the time nor place to do that!

I promise that there’s some great content coming your way in the next few weeks anyway as I’m editing and filming a couple of rather interesting vlogs, going to a couple of fab events and I’ve got a secret diarist contributor who will remain anon writing about something rather… intimate.

Stay tuned my lovelies and wish me luck!


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11 thoughts on “where have I been?!

  1. This is the first time I’ve come across your blog but I just wanted to say hi. I love your writing style and will be checking back now and then. Take care of yourself and your real life before your online one. Good luck with finishing uni x


  2. I’ve missed you! I’m glad to hear that everything’s okay 🙂 I know exactly how you’re feeling with all the uni workload! I was the same this time last year! Keep up the hard work, not long left now & you’ll have a degree! Yay! I’m glad you’re making time to do some self-care, I wish I’d done in the last few months of uni. I’m looking forward to the posts & vlogs you’ve got planned ❤ take care and try not to worry about reading everyone's blog posts for now, there's plenty of time to catch up when you've gotten your dissertation and assignments out of the way ❤


    • Oh Sarah, I’ve missed reading your blog too!
      Thank you for your lovely words, they mean a lot to me. I’ve had to force myself to be kind to myself and not get bogged down by endless to-do lists. Its a shame you had a stressful time last year though, I hope you’re making more you-time now.


  3. Sending you all of the good vibes for your final few months on your degree – I remember those days and they were incredibly busy so I know the feeling. I’m glad you’re doing alright otherwise and you’re so right, self-care is everything. I’m struggling at the moment and my work is suffering so reading posts like these is comforting. – Tasha


    • Thanks Jess. It’s nice finally being able to catch up with blogs like yours.
      I want a job in content, preferably involving some writing but I would happily just do the social media side of things if needs be…


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