how to: coconut oil your hair

So I’m not a beauty guru, nor do I profess to be and we all know that my hair can be a bit… temperamental to say the least.

I have however jumped on the bandwagon and become an advocate for coconut oil in all its rich, nutty glory. My Mum, who swears by it, bought me and my sister a tub of the Sainsbury’s one (£4.50) each for Christmas and I’ve been using it once a fortnight since then.
It isn’t just a fad though, it really does make a difference! My hair is softer yet stronger and has a really lovely shine to it despite all the bleach and heat its gone through over the years.


Because of this, I thought I’d make a vlog showing you how I apply the coconut oil to my hair and see if you can see the difference it makes. Perhaps it will inspire some of you to give it a go yourselves. It’s much cheaper than most of the hot oil treatments I’ve seen in stores but I reckon it’s just as good.

Do you use any lifesaving products on your hair?
Have you tried coconut oil for anything?

Let me know and leave me links in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “how to: coconut oil your hair

  1. I use this every night as makeup remover! I bring the tub in the shower with me so that it melts from the heat and then dunk a damp face cloth in the molten goo, wipe it all over my face, then rinse it off like a hot face cloth treatment. It absolutely DESTROYS makeup. Just dissolves it. And it makes your skin feel ahhhmazing afterwards and is naturally antifungal, so it prevents breakouts.
    You can also use it as:
    – Moisturiser
    – After sun
    – To help sooth fresh, itchy tattoos (in place of Bepanthen)
    – On general irritation/dry skin.
    One of my friends also swears by it as lube!
    Loved the video honey bee!


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