Feminist Wishlist

A fellow blogger babe Rhiân did one of these a while back on her blog and I’ve been wanting to make my own but wasn’t quite sure if it would interest people. Having put a poll out on Twitter in the New Year asking what content you guys wanted, feminism had a majority vote (alongside mental health and self care stuff). I’ve now got a posting schedule that reflects the results of that poll but you can always leave me comments with what content you want to see more of and I’ll see what I can do!

These are a few picks from my fave sites that would be perfect for any feminist.


Feminist Wishlist (1)

1 |’Try To Love Yourself As Much As You Love Beyoncé’ tee by Liana Spiro on RedBubble

I do love Beyoncé and I should love myself more so this is a personal must-have! The design is so cute and pretty.

2| ‘You are Lisa Simpson’ pillow by Expo on Studio6

This is from Mr Bergstrom’s note to Lisa in the episode ‘Lisa’s Substitute’. It is supposed to remind Lisa that if she ever feels alone or not good enough, she is all she needs. Such a positive message and Lisa is a feminist icon of TV.

3| ‘I Think Your Sexist Jokes Are Boring’ tote bag from Feminist Apparel

This tote bag is not only practical but has a point! I have said this to so many people in my life.

4| ‘Not Your Bae’ pin from Punky Pins

I love Punky Pins and will be placing my first order soon to decorate a blazer of mine. There are so many cute designs but this one was my feminist fave.

5| Color Her : Mix n’ Match Coloring Book by Iris Glaser & Katrin Leblond from Amazon

A coloring book filled with women of all shapes, ethnicities and ages. Accurate representation and you have free reign with what beautiful colours you use – yay!

6| ‘She Needed A Hero So That’s What She Became’ mug from MiniGeekBoutiqueUK on Etsy

This isn’t necessary only for feminists. This is a sweet gift for any strong woman or girl in your life as a reminder that she has overcome so much.

7| ‘Feminist Killjoy’ glitter banners from UnicornParadeShop on Etsy

These are adorable but I don’t have anywhere to put them in my house at the moment. Perhaps an office when we move? Plenty of cute banners in this Etsy store.


Do you want/own anything from this list?

Do you own any other feminist items?


Let me know and leave me links/pictures in the comments below!


Note: The above images are not my property.

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18 thoughts on “Feminist Wishlist

  1. Well that’s my paycheck for next month gone… that Feminist Kill Joy banner man! I need for feminist stuff – I have three feminist T shirts – one says Feminist as Fuck, one says Riots not Diets, and one says Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-damental human rights!

    petticoatsandpatriarchy.com xx


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