the empowerment playlists: volume three

I hadn’t forgotten about these bad boys, I promise!

My empowerment playlists are all about music to get you through and to remind you of your strength and beauty when you need it most.

I do take to Twitter and Facebook asking for contributions to these so feel free to drop me a message, whatever the genre of your favourite song. You’ll see, there’s quite a mix in there and I add to them whenever I find new music that fits.

Volume One of these playlists was about moving on after a relationship breaks down, and that’s tough.

Volume Two told us about girl power, sticking up for ourselves and one another.


This playlist is called ‘If You Can’t Love Yourself…’ and it’s here to remind you that despite what people might say or how you might feel sometimes, you are beautiful and worthwhile.  It’s telling us to be kind to ourselves, to love ourselves and our imperfections and not to base our self worth on what other people think.

Have you found a new favourite track?

What music empowers you to feel self love?

In a month or so’s time I’ll be creating a playlist about women’s sexuality (self love, but a bit ruder?) so if you have any suggestions for tracks, let me know and leave me links in the comments below!



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2 thoughts on “the empowerment playlists: volume three

  1. Thanks so much for this! It’s so hard to find songs that are catchy yet not problematic (e.g. Jason Derulo’s Wiggle where Snoop goes into this utterly disgusting rap about ‘double dipping’ someone)- I’ll definitely check these out!


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