Primark Pajama Haul

If you’re not from the U.K then you might not know what Primark is (or Penneys in Ireland!). Primark is our place for cheap basics and staple items and there’s one in every town as far as I know. You’ll find pairs of knickers for as little as 50p, leggings from £3 a pair and cool pop culture t-shirts for around a tenner… It’s brilliant!

I took Jaz to Southampton for the day as part of her birthday celebrations and I did the boring grown-up thing of buying myself some new underwear and pajamas. I’ve been moaning recently that our house is freezing even when I’m in bed under the covers, but after about five minutes of warming up, Josh will then accuse me of feeling like a radiator. Because of this I got a mixture of thick and thin nightwear and its all very cute!



| red tartan shorts //  black and white striped shorts |



| black and grey strappy loose cami top |


| Moomins t-shirt and sweatpants set |


| grey fluffy slipper boots |



| fleecy thick blue/cream hedgehog set |



How cute are these? I almost felt like I had treated myself even though it was on something essential.


Unfortunately I can’t link to the products as Primark’s website doesn’t stock everything they do in stores. I also cleverly managed to bin the receipt so I can’t tell you how much each thing was exactly but I know that I didn’t spend more than £25 on the whole lot and some items were reduced… I’m sorry – crap blogger alert!


Have you been to Primark or a similar store recently?
Do you like shopping for pajamas?

Let me know and leave me links in the comments below.

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20 thoughts on “Primark Pajama Haul

    • No way? I assumed everywhere had a Primark haha! You’ll have to do a haul when you come back for holidays or whatever.
      I have some men’s PJ bottoms and men’s Tees – they’re more exciting and very comfy, you’re right.


  1. I’m majorly in need of some new PJs and now I know where I am heading when I next get the chance 🙂 I love that Primark sell pop culture tees too – they can be so expensive elsewhere!


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