2016 Blogging Goals

Last year I tried setting monthly blogging goals but I quickly realised that wasn’t a constructive way to do it. This was firstly because I struggled to pluck figures to aim towards without having a long enough time period to look at my growth average but also because I got so worked up having not achieved these goals by the end of the month. It boiled down to the monthly goals simply not being realistically achievable.

Seeing as it’s now January of the New Year, I thought I’d set myself some blogging goals that are more long term and less statistically fixed so that I can actually tick them off without stressing! I’ll probably review them halfway through the year and just before the end of the year.



  • Get to 500 Bloglovin’ followers, 5000 Twitter followers and at least double my Instagram and Pinterest following
  • Maintain a steady average monthly view count
  • Publish three posts per week – IN PROGRESS!





  • Stick to a posting schedule– IN PROGRESS!
  • Get a new header designed by my fab blogger friend Kathy – COMPLETE!
  • Take more good quality blog photographs – IN PROGRESS!
  • Get vlogging!






Do you have blogging or more general goals for 2016?
Did you meet your goals in 2015? 

Let me know and leave me links in the comments below.


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25 thoughts on “2016 Blogging Goals

  1. Hey Jenna
    I share a few of your goals, especially concerning posting consistency and frequency. Right now, I’m going for four posts a week, which is a lot for me because I also have a job and studies to get through. However, what I find really helpful when it comes to pre-writing/scheduling posts and maintaining consistency is an editorial calendar (or cintent calendar). Like, I don’t plan every single detail, but it does make sense to have a rough plan of when you’re gonna post what so you know what to work on in advance. Good luck with the goals!
    xx Carina


  2. Just followed you on Bloglovin’ so hopefully you’re one step closer to your goal! I definitely need to add blogger chats to my own goals for this year, I rarely get involved any more in them and they’re so fun! Best of luck with all of your goals!

    Becky; http://www.rebeccamarie.co.uk xxx


  3. You’ve got a great set of blog goals here!
    It’s best to only set a few statistical goals because you end up bumming yourself out if you don’t reach it! So very achievable stats are a good way to go about it and you’ve done that!
    I’ve been thinking of getting my own domain sorted at somepoint as well!
    I’m excited to see how you get on with your goals but I’m sure you’re gonna get all of them done!

    Jasmine | http://kkochsongi.blogspot.co.uk


  4. I really like the way you divided your goals into different sections – it’s a nice way of keeping all different areas of your blog on track without getting too bogged down on one thing.

    I wrote about my blogging goals here: http://petticoatsandpatriarchy.com/blogging-goals-for-2016/
    I tried not to set numerical goals, and rather set goals that will improve my blogging and make me happy. I find that when I set stats-based goals or numerical goals, I get obsessed with it and start losing interest in actually writing – which is what blogging is all about!



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