tag: boyfriend does my makeup

So I’ve been a bit absent lately due to an overwhelming amount of university work but as promised, Josh and I filmed the ‘Boyfriend Does My Makeup’ tag. I’d like to make a little disclaimer and say that this wasn’t filmed under the assumption that Josh’s gender has anything to do with his (reasonable) makeup skills and I’d invite anyone and their partner (or friend) to take part because it was great fun to do!

The rules were:
– You should lay out all your products in front of the person – ones that you’re willing to play with, not necessarily the expensive ones! 
– You can’t tell the person what products you use.
– You can’t tell them where it would usually be used.
– You can’t tell them which order they are used in.

This is only my second ever video so I’m still getting to grips with the software… please be kind. We did this as we were getting ready to go to an engagement celebration – there were ciders involved. The video contains lots of swearing, rambling and obscure references…

Remember kids, always drink responsibly (18+)  and don’t let your partner who is clueless about cosmetics draw on your face!

Have you done this tag or something similar with someone?
Have any of your faves got an especially good video of the tag?

Let me know and leave me links in the comments below.


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