birthday wishlists: clothing

So it’s just over a week until my birthday (27th September) and although I’ve already given these ideas to my friends and family, I wanted to post a few of my wishlists to share with you guys. First up and most importantly, clothing!

birthday wishlists: clothing


I’ve asked for quite a few tops this year because most of mine either don’t fit or won’t be warm enough as the cold weather sets in. You’ll notice I’ve chosen some functional, comfy loose bits, a couple of cute pop culture tees and some jumpers for layering up. 

 Neuron Vest Dress – £12.95

Silver Fine Knit Metallic  – £14.99

Black Lace-Up Sides Sweater – £14.99

Black Drop Hem 3/4 Sleeve – £1o.99

Purple Crochet Lace Vest  – £12.99


You will never catch me in trousers or jeans and I’m rarely brave enough to bare my legs which is why I live in leggings! I always have plenty of plain black cheap ones from Select or Primark in my drawer but each season, I love getting a few pairs with a cool print or some nice detail. Some of these look really warm too!


Cupcake Cult Star Print – £12.99

Banned Hearts and Swallows Print  – £20.24

Urban Classics Dark Grey Acid Wash -£14.99


As much as I love my leggings, I can’t wear them without something to cover my bum. Whilst some of my tops might be long enough, it’s also nice to have some statement skirts/shorts to accompany the more plain pairs or perhaps with some tights.

I’ve chosen quite a lot of acid wash and tie-dye bits in this list because I love how I can incorporate some colour into my look with these prints, whilst still keeping an alternative edge on things.


Denim Acid Wash Shorts – £19.99

Monochrome Tartan Miniskirt – £8.99


I have no idea if I will be lucky enough to get any of these items but I’m sure I’ll do a lookbook post with anything that I do! Keep your eyes peeled for my next birthday wishlist coming up in a few days…

Do you like or own any of these fashion items?
What did you get/do for your birthday?

Let me know and leave me links in the comments below!


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