food: satay chicken skewers with Florette Salad*

So Josh and I were very naughty in Manchester and we consumed all of the food and all of the alcohol. Because of this, I’m back on a detox and what better timing for Florette Salad to contact me and ask me to create a recipe post for the blog?


Despite the satay-inspired marinade being a bit of a cheat,  this light summery meal is simple and it doesn’t take long to make.

diced white onion
peanut butter (I prefer crunchy)
dark soy sauce
milk (coconut milk is best if you have it but I just used semi-skimmed)
fish sauce (optional)


Fry the diced onion for a couple of minutes until mostly translucent.

pan_fried_onions_marinade_satay_chicken_recipe_florette_salad_postAdd the cumin, coriander, turmeric, salt and pepper.

Add peanut butter, dark soy sauce and if you are using them, fish sauce and coconut milk.
If you are using regular cows milk, don’t add this until you have taken it off the heat or it will spoil!bowl_marinade_satay_chicken_recipe_florette_salad_post

Once combined, remove from the heat.
Allow the mixture to cool and blend all ingredients lightly.

Cover chicken breast in marinade and leave in the fridge for at least thirty minutes.
(If you’ve got the time, overnight would be the best!)
kebab_wooden_skewers_satay_chicken_recipe_florette_salad_postBefore you assemble your skewers, soak them in cold water for about half an hour. This makes it easier to push things onto them.

Chop your marinated chicken breast into pieces and assemble your skewers with whatever vegetables you like!
We chose red and green peppers and mushrooms.


Grill until chicken is cooked through – the meat should be white with the juices running clear. Rotate throughout grilling to make sure that your veg doesn’t burn.

Whilst they are cooking, you can make up a tasty salad!

With loads of different flavours, the Florette bags would be great as they are to accompany your skewers but we threw in a little cucumber, carrot, spring onion and pepper for a bit of crunch.



Your finished skewers should look something like this!


For more low-calorie meals, check out Florette Salad‘s website. They’ve just launched a five-day healthy eating meal planner too, so there’s no excuse not to eat your greens with every meal!

Are you looking to go on a detox?

What are your favourite low-calorie recipes?

Let me know and leave me links in the comments below!



*This post is a collaboration with Florette Salad.

For more information, see my disclaimers.

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