guest post by Ashleigh of Not A Typical Teenager


We are taught many things in school, including how to lead a healthy
lifestyle. But we are never really taught how a healthy lifestyle and school
can intertwine. How we can maintain good grades and a healthy waistline at
the same time. Well, I have a few tips of those who want to try and balance
the two.

Take Healthy Snacks

It is so easy to have a packet of crisps or a bar of chocolate during break
time, but why don’t you try taking something a little healthier. I took carrot
sticks for a while and then tried grapes, apples and tomatoes. Take a healthy
food that you like to eat.


The distance you live from your school may be an issue here. I never walk
to school because I like to sleep in a little later in the morning. But I always
make sure I walk from school to burn off the food I eat. This year, I have to
walk to the bus which is a half hour walk from my house. I will walk it
every morning stay healthy.

Have Breakfast

This is important for me. Not because of all of the science that is being
debated, but because I know that if I have breakfast, I will have one snack at
break. If I do not have breakfast, I will eat 3 snacks and possibly buy some
toast. I just generally end up eating food that is bad for me. So eat breakfast.

Eat In Moderation

This isn’t a post about losing weight, just a way that you can stay healthy,
which means that anything in moderation is okay.

Exam Stress

The reason I have told you to eat healthy snacks and walk is because exam
stress gets to you, and that way, you can just curl up and eat lots of ice
cream when you feel really awful and stressed. Just chill out, and eat some
Ben and Jerry’s. You won’t have to feel guilty after all the walking and
carrot sticks.

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this post, you can check out more at Not A Typical Teenager, and you can email me at

Stay Un-Typical

Ashleigh xxx


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