drag on a dime: jujubee

This is the second post in my series that honours the queens of #DragRace – you can see the Adore Delano style board here. This will be a regular feature on the blog because finding drag dupes has been good fun. I’ve vowed that the looks will always be as close to the outfits as possible, without costing more than £20 per piece!


| dress | leggings | heels | headband |

This outfit screams glamour and that’s one of the reasons that I love Jujubee. The only staple item that you would need to complete the look is a black elasticated waist belt and they’re cheap as chips! Unfortunately, the picture quality wouldn’t let me zoom in enough to examine the cuff bracelet she’s wearing, but I think there are plenty of jewellery items that would work just as well.

Do you like or own any of the items in this outfit?

Do you have a favourite queen or drag look that I should check out?

Let me know and leave me links in the comments below!



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Note: The images used in the style board are not my own and have been credited via links.

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