august blogging goals

Apologies for my brief disappearance! Last week, Josh and I went away to Manchester for our three-year anniversary. We had a great time together, exploring the city and indulging ourselves in naughty food and drink.

Upon my return, I thought that this would be a great time to evaluate how my blog has been doing since it’s clumsy creation earlier in the year. Looking at my stats, I’ve been able to set a few (realistic) goals for this month to help me keep motivated.


UPDATE: I was so close!
(98 followers as of 1/09/15)


Bloglovin’ is a great place to network, but it can also be really handy if you are just an avid reader of many blogs. I try to spare a few hours a week to catch up with my personal favourites and I’m always looking for more blogs to follow – the more diverse, the better! I’m also hoping to do a giveaway when I reach a Bloglovin’ milestone… who knows what will be in it?


ACHIEVED! (24/08/2015)

I’ve found a wonderful blogger community on Twitter, as well as a quick way to contact companies and individuals. There are also ways to schedule tweets using sites like Twuffer and plenty of retweet accounts (@UKBloggers1, @BloggerBees) that can really help to signal boost your posts and your blog’s following.

I will be hosting another #zchat soon. 
Topic: TBC


I hosted a chat last month about ‘Young Feminism’ for the lovely lot at @Zusterschap and I had so much fun! We discussed parenting, body image, bullies and so much more. Chats have such a personal aspect, being able to sharing our thoughts and feelings with one another. The #zchat (Mondays, 9PM) community in particular I’ve found to always be supportive, positive and encouraging towards one another.

blogger_collaboration_collab_PR_friendly_guest_post_princess_parasoxACHIEVED! (24/08/15) 
Thanks to Ashleigh at Not A Typical Teenager, you can read her guest post here.

In case you missed it, I did a guest-post swap before with my gorgeous friend Cami of camillahennessyjackson. We discussed self-love, the patriarchy, sex, shaving and lots more! Not only did I gain some new followers but I really enjoyed writing about something that would suit the style of Cami’s blog, while still using my own voice and opinions.

Do you have monthly or yearly blogging goals?

Do you find them useful?

Let me know and leave me your links in the comments below!



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4 thoughts on “august blogging goals

  1. Awesome goals, good luck! I need to set some goals for myself, but at the moment I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things! I like to set goals more related to interacting with other bloggers… Comment on x blogs, read x new blogs, receive x comments on one post, share x number of other people’s posts, etc!


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