my journey to silver hair: the results!

In the beginning, me and my best friend Emily went through the painstaking process of getting from red to blonde, then I received a luxury cut from Elli and a gorgeous blowdry from Sophie. A year after I decided to start the journey, here I am happy to report that I have finally (with the help of some great professionals) achieved my dream hair, in all it’s silver glory!

My final Salon Experience visit to Scissors Winton was always going to be a long one: the Colour treatment. The lovely Jenise had already talked me through the different stages of what we would be doing that day, and we discussed products and end goals at the beginning of the appointment. A colour expert, Jenise knew just what to do to get me my silver hair, but she did say that it would be best to go a couple of shades darker to start with, in order that when I wash the hair, the colour didn’t fade out too quickly.

So what was the exact process?

Stage One: Get rid of those roots!


This needed a scalp bleach which I have had before but boy, are they tingly – not for the faint hearted! Don’t do these without previous experience or a trained professional, you risk serious damage to your hair and scalp.

Stage Two: Lightening out the yellowy tones


Slightly less irritant, this lightener was for removing the brassy, yellowy blonde that had been left by this bleach and previous bleaches. For silver, you want the hair to be as white as possible as a base.
(Please excuse my double chin, awkward selfie angle.)

Stage Three: The silver toner


A lot less irritant – it even smells nice in a weird way! Jenise was saying that with this colour especially, it can be hard to tell the actual shade of the hair because of the purple/grey colour of the product, so it’s best to push the product around to try and see the hair underneath before you rinse.

All about the T.L.C:
The perks of my Scissors Winton experience were as before: invigorating scalp massage, deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner, complimentary beverages, opportunities to purchase and add-on treatments and products at a discount… all with great, accommodating service!

The end result


I couldn’t be happier! Jenise has advised that I use a bit of lightener on the ends to take out the slight blonde tones left that snuck their way through, but otherwise I have my dream hair.
I thoroughly recommend Scissors Salons for any treatment, whether it’s a midweek blow dry to perk you up or a three-hour colour transformation. All of the staff are professional, talented and really friendly and I got some top care tips for keeping this colour and cut.


The photo that Scissors themselves took!

Thanks especially to Elli, Sophie and Jenise for my experiences!

Have you ever been to a Scissors Salon before?

Do you have or want silver hair?

Have you had a drastic hair change recently?

Let me know and leave me links in the comments below!



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2 thoughts on “my journey to silver hair: the results!

  1. Your hair looks amazing!

    I went from black to red to blonde/white/silver.

    At first I found it quite difficult to maintain and keep the brassy tones at bay but fudge purple shampoo is amazing. It contains toner which, depending on how long you leave it, can make your hair white/silver/purple and blonde.

    So good 😀



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