my journey to silver hair: part one

In the past few years, the hair trend we have seen more and more on catwalks, beauty blogs and even amongst the celebs, is silver/white/pastel hair. Whether it’s an older woman’s natural gorgeous grey (think Helen Mirren) or a wintery icy white-blonde (a la Daenerys Targaryen) , the looks are perfect for summer and complimentary to almost any skin tone.

My interest in getting silver hair was sparked by my favourite YouTuber, the beautiful and zany Helen Anderson. Back in July last year, I consulted my hairdresser friend – always have a consultation before a drastic hair change! She warned me that it wasn’t going to be easy to achieve an all-over silver tone when my hair at that time was a cherry red, but I was willing to be patient to get my dream hair.

We started with a 3% peroxide, highlighting in foils, then realised that the stubborn parts would need at least a 6%. Inbetween the highlights, I was recommended to use Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Freeze Silver Shampoo (£14.90) to take out any yellowy tones and Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask (£9.99) once a week to replenish the hair. It’s important to leave the Osmo on, preferably covered in a towel or cling film to keep hear in for at least thirty minutes to allow the hair to soak up what it needs.


After about nine months of highlights, we did the first scalp bleach and boy, was that itchy! Always test before using peroxide, and I wouldn’t recommend that you try to do this by yourself unless you have training. The scalp bleach lifted my roots really well, and after a few washes (with the silver shampoo) the hair was almost all the same ash blonde colour.

When the next set of roots began to come through, we did another scalp bleach after which the roots had some orange tones. We think this might be partly to do with the glorious sunshine kicking in, because even the silver shampoo wasn’t working very well on them.

The next month when we did another bleach (scalp through to ends), the hair took really well and was almost all the same colour. I likened it to vanilla ice cream as it was very light but quite yellowy. I impatiently decided a few days later that I would try using Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Virgin Snow toner on the hair in an attempt to go closer to a white shade.

The toner is easy enough to apply with clear instructions on the pot, but the smell of the stuff was pretty bad! Unfortunately, it didn’t work as well as I had hoped as you can see in the images below but it definitely did have an impact.

Note: I have not used any filters/editing on these images so as to give the best representation of the results.






Have you tried this toner before?

Have you got or tried to get white/silver/grey/pastel hair before?

Let me know in the comments below!



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