wishlist: Adventure Time

I am a huge fan of Adventure Time and I have been since my best friend Emily showed it to me a couple of years ago. I love the layers of jokes and themes, which mean that the programme appeals to all audiences, as a fart joke will make a small child laugh, just as much as an existential crisis will make a twenty-something laugh!

It’s hard to choose a few bits that I really want, as there’s so much AT merch out there – official and unofficial – but I have thrown a few bits that we have in our house, some bought by us, some bought by friends and family, in with some cute wardrobe items for Spring/Summer.

This wishlist is also a Pinterest board.



GOT IT! – Princess Bubblegum Mug, £5.99 – Grindstore

GOT IT! – Adventure Time Munchkin, £17.89 – Amazon.co.uk

Jake and Finn Flying Leggings, £23.79 – Mr Gugu and Miss Go

Finn T-Shirt, £14.24 – Blue Banana

GOT IT! – Lady Rainicorn Scarf,  £12.99 – Forbidden Planet

Princess Bubblegum’s Rock T-Shirt, £16.31 – RedBubble

Allover Snapback, was £19.90 now £14.99 – Forbidden Planet

Ice King & Gunter Drinking Glasses, was 19.99 now 11.99 – Grindstore


Do you watch Adventure Time, or any other animation I should check out?

Do you have any cute merch from these sites, or elsewhere?

Let me know in the comments below!


Note: The Adventure Time logo and above images are not my property.

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